Insulation matters

The effects of mechanical insulation on energy efficiency, utility spending, the health of workers, and the environment are staggering. Inadequate and poorly installed insulation around heating and cooling systems are the leading causes of wasted energy, lost money, and the growth of mold — a significant growing public health risk. In addition to generating massive amounts of carbon dioxide each year, poorly insulated systems are costing companies in the U.S. billions of dollars in wasted energy.

Here’s what implementing a comprehensive mechanical insulation maintenance and upgrade program in the commercial and industrial markets could lead to:



$4.8 billion in energy savings each year.



43 million metric tons of CO2 emissions prevented each year.



89,000 jobs generated by mechanical insulation.

where Local 18 comes in.

The highly trained energy efficiency experts of Local 18 are capable of providing all types of mechanical insulation, as well as fire-stopping solutions, helping customers improve the lives of their workers, dramatically decrease unnecessary spending, and contribute to a better, greener world.

Energy Audit

Commercial and industrial developers are constantly seeking more robust solutions to improve their building’s functionality, durability, and efficiency. The professional men and women of Local 18 are here to provide just that.

To find out what mechanical insulation could do for you, schedule a 30 minute energy audit with our team. Our energy efficiency experts will plan a visit to your facility to conduct an examination of a predetermined area that could benefit from insulation, as well as provide a presentation about the benefits of our work. After the audit, our team will contact you with the results and determine appropriate next steps.

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