Money & Lives Insulation plays an extremely important role in our everyday safety. Properly installed insulation will maximize its full potential. In addition to ensuring comfort  and climate control, it  also serves as a protective barrier and improves the indoor air quality. Conversely, insufficient and poorly installed insulation can have a significant affect on our over all well-being. The men and women of Local 18 pride themselves in keeping your health and safety a top priority.

Today, modern buildings are designed as a series of fireproof compartments. Walls penetrated in construction or rehabilitation for pipes, ducts or cables call for certified and skilled insulation technicians who will install firestop systems that comply with national flame and temperature ratings. Expert fire stopping saves lives and the men and women of Local 18, in unison with professional firestop contractors, are undeniably the best in their field.

When removing asbestos, you can count on the industries most highly trained and experienced professionals-- the certified professionals of Local 18.

Did you know that inadequate insulation fitting is the leading cause of mold, a growing public health risk? Condensation on improperly insulated pipes and ducts provides an environment moist enough to grow mold. Professional insulation technicians can solve that problem before it starts.

Conserving Energy and Improving the Environment

Insulations effect on energy efficiency and the environment is staggering. The work being done by the professionals of the International Association of Heat and Frost Workers and their Signatory Contractors will save you money and improve the environment.

Inadequate and poorly installed insulation around heating and cooling systems is, by far, the biggest cause of both lost energy and money. As heating and cooling rates continue to increase, it becomes apparent how much this lost energy affects your pocketbook and how it contributes to global warming. When insufficient insulation is improperly installed, energy seeps out-- costing us billions of dollars. Using less energy means generating less carbon dioxide, a leading cause of global warming.

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