The professional team at Local 18, along with the Insulation Contractor’s Association, provides high-quality insulation solutions for all types of mechanical systems, both indoor and out. Simply put, we help insulate your business from escalating costs.

Fiberglass pipe insulation
Removable blanketed insulation covers
Mineral wool
Cellular glass
Closed cell elastomeric
Polyisocyanurate (Poly)
PVC, aluminum, canvas, and stainless steel jackets
Duct Insulation

How we do it

With over 100 years of experience and intensive training programs guiding us, our professional insulators are adept at determining the best type of insulation for your business, and the most cost-effective and efficient method of installation in both commercial and industrial settings. We work with our customers to specify their needs, including what type of material and thickness are necessary. Our work helps protect systems from heat loss, condensation, mold accumulation, noise pollution, and personal injury.

When we do it

Local 18 has perfected the ability to insulate systems in open, populated facilities with zero effect on the daily processes and functions of those facilities. In connection with the owner’s schedule and needs, we create containments around live piping systems to control everything from contamination to ambient air temperatures.

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